What Sets DealRoom Apart from Other Investment Management Platforms in the Market?

In the development process, many companies invest in internal and external projects. Timely planning and control are required to ensure the effectiveness of investment processes. DealRoom data room is a perfect solution to achieve these goals. Here is more about it. 

DealRoom as an investment management platform

Any enterprise or company needs to invest wisely. Mistakes cost too much. Investment project management is a complex and multifaceted process. Therefore, modern enterprises implement digital solutions like DealRoom data room to optimize investment project management.

Using the investment management platform helps to reduce labor costs and optimize the work of the management of the financial department of the enterprise due to the following functionality:

  • Automation of the investment process;
  • Structuring and maintaining investment programs;
  • Formation, adjustment, and control for the budget of investment activities.
  • Obtain operational reporting.

Planning and control of the investment process

The DealRoom data room allows you to conveniently regulate the company’s investment investments’ planning, budgeting, and actual use. The investment requests of the module reflect various aspects of the purpose of the investment. When working, you can use pre-configured status schemes, which allow you to organize the maintenance of investment applications following the individual needs of each enterprise. As a result, maintaining investment programs is possible with varying degrees of detail. In the data room, you can work with historical data and analyze the cost changes of the company’s investments.

What are the benefits of DealRoom in investment management

The DealRoom data room’s main purpose is to automate business processes related to deal management and investment operations. An extended set of tools are used to provide such automation:

  • Efficient data management

Document management in electronic form makes reporting transparent and more accurate, simplifies the rapid receipt of data, and helps to organize information exchange and interaction between departments, services, and teams of employees. In addition, the collected information is combined into a common data network that allows you to track individual processes or tasks, work at specified levels, and general indicators of the enterprise.

  • Functionality

Based on a stable, reliable, modern technological platform, application solutions have been built that allows you to automate any complex or standard business processes. When developing an ERP system, 1C used international experience in automation, the most effective and well-established practices. It made it possible to create a tool for integrated management, operational activities, and the organization of comprehensive accounting.

  • Flexibility and mobility

The system uses cloud services and allows you to monitor, analyze, manage online, use mobile devices for work, and access data via the Internet. Such mobility simplifies and optimizes work for enterprises with a developed branch network. Advanced integration options distinguish the program: it supports data exchange with banking organizations, the formation, and submission of reports in electronic form, and works with external information systems. In addition, the solution is regularly updated, which guarantees full compliance of the regulated accounting and document flow with the norms of the law.

  • Convenient support and security

Certified partners carry out the implementation of the DealRoom software according to the methodologies recommended by the developers. Support involves software maintenance, quick resolution of technical issues, and regular updates. The system ensures safe work with data. For this purpose, the differentiation of access levels, its control, special tools, and means of protection are used.

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