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Company Acquisitions

The Most Important Things to Take Away from Company Acquisitions

Top managers and consultants are cautious about calling acquisitions “post-merger integration.” But they turn into tension, uncertainty, and even chaos. So, this article will consider the important points to pay attention to when organizing an acquisition. Company acquisition: important things Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) of companies are recognized worldwide as one of the most effective […]


What Sets DealRoom Apart from Other Investment Management Platforms in the Market?

In the development process, many companies invest in internal and external projects. Timely planning and control are required to ensure the effectiveness of investment processes. DealRoom data room is a perfect solution to achieve these goals. Here is more about it.  DealRoom as an investment management platform Any enterprise or company needs to invest wisely. […]

Buy-Side Firms

Definition of Buy-Side Firms

The term buy-side comes from the financial sector. It describes companies and institutions that are active in the financial market. This article will analyze the peculiarities of the buy-side firms. Sales stages. How to work effectively at different stages? Whatever sales we are talking about, we can say with confidence that sales develop according to […]